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"There is no single hero amongst the people at Rumi’s everyone has a part to play."


In Rumi's our intention is to serve our community to the best of our ability. Rumi's isn't about the projection

of the self, group or ideal. But open for all. Our focus isn't on work titles or affirmations. We are thankful for our gracious volunteers, teachers, friends and visitors who make Rumi's what it  is daily.

Aminah Babikir

Director of 

Rumi's Projects

Glaiza Padulla

Project Manager

Nazra Zuhyle

Manager of 

Rumi's Care

Rakin Niass

Manager of 

arts & culture


Thank you to our previous managers who made this work possible

From right to left: Zara Al-Akku, Sazan Meran, Aminul Islam, 

Warsarme Nur, Sukina Douglas, Abbas Maysam, Sohaib Hassan,

Kenan Ali and Omer Faruk Yeni

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