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Led by Maya Anne Evans (Voices for Creative Non-violence)
In association with Brent Stop the War
Discussion / Monday 12th May / doors open 7.00 pm
meeting starts 7.30 pm sharp @RumisCave 26 Willesden Lane, London NW6 7ST

Maya Evans has now visited Afghanistan on 3 occasions, on the last she stayed for 3 months living and working with the non-violent youth group the Afghan Peace Volunteers. She is one of the very few activists in the UK who has visited Afghanistan since the 2001 NATO/ US invasion, this gives her the ability to speak from personal experience, as well as having a grasp of the Afghan grassroots perspective on: foreign occupation, the Taliban, women's rights, the Afghan peace movement, refugees and many more of the problems which currently impact Afghanistan.

Maya has been very involved in campaigning against the ongoing war, in 2010 she was sentenced to 14 days in HMP Bronzefield for unpaid fines relating to a protest against a NATO bombing of an Afghan wedding party; she has also prosecuted the British government for its complicity in the torture of Afghan detainees - the outcome was a "partial VICTORY." Maya speaks from the heart with a style that combines the personal with facts and analysis.

Aisha Maniar's latest blog includes an interview with Maya

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