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INTRODUCING THE ILIAD / THE STORY OF TROY The greatest epic of Western Civilisation

Monday (Bank Holiday) 26th May 5:00-7:00pm / Free Entry @ Rumi’s Cave 26, Willesden Lane NW6 7ST

"It is impossible to think of nature as system, nature is life" Yet from the Arctic ice caps to the streets of Kilburn, there is one system imposed on humanity and it began in ancient Greece with a song - the song of the wrath of Achilles, a song of glory, honour and destruction, that has inspired and driven western civilisation for three millennia.

Join us at Rumi's Cave for an introduction and reading of Homer's Iliad.

abdalMujeeb Gallagher has studied classical Greek and Latin from the age of nine up until university where he took an MA in Arabic and Persian. He became Muslim after travelling through the tribal areas in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2001 and is now Imam of the Angel Muslim Association.

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